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"The Night Shift" focuses on the men and women who work the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. They are an irreverent and special breed, particularly adrenaline junkie T.C. Callahan. After three grueling tours of duty in Afghanistan, T.C. is about to learn that his toughest battles will be fought right here at home. He and his team of late-night docs, including best friend Topher and protégé Drew, know how to let off steam with the casual prank or two, but when lives are at stake, they are all business. Unfortunately, the night shift is now under new senior management and boss Michael Ragosa, who has to balance the real-world pressures of cutting costs while battling the stigma that he is more interested in saving money than helping people.

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  1. Watch The Night Shift Season 4 S04
    5 of 5 Ep. Available 2017(Still Airing)
  2. 12 of 13 Ep. Available 2016
  3. 14 of 14 Ep. Available 2015
  4. 8 of 8 Ep. Available 2014

The Night Shift Episodes

  1. 6
    Not Available Airing on Jul 27, 2017
  2. 5 Watch The Night Shift S04E05 online - Turburlence
    Available Aired on Jul 20, 2017
  3. 4
    Available Aired on Jul 13, 2017
  4. 3
    Available Aired on Jul 06, 2017
  5. 2
    Available Aired on Jun 29, 2017
  6. 1
    Available Aired on Jun 22, 2017
  1. 13
    Available Aired on Aug 31, 2016
  2. 12
    Available Aired on Aug 24, 2016
  3. 11
    Available Aired on Aug 03, 2016
  4. 10
    Available Aired on Aug 03, 2016
  5. 9
    Available Aired on Jul 27, 2016
  6. 8
    Available Aired on Jul 13, 2016
  7. 7
    Available Aired on Jul 06, 2016
  8. 6
    Not Available Aired on Jun 29, 2016
  9. 5
    Available Aired on Jun 29, 2016
  10. 4
    Available Aired on Jun 22, 2016
  11. 3
    Available Aired on Jun 15, 2016
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    Available Aired on Jun 08, 2016
  13. 1
    Available Aired on Jun 01, 2016
  1. 14
    Available Aired on May 18, 2015
  2. 13
    Available Aired on May 11, 2015
  3. 12
    Available Aired on May 04, 2015
  4. 11
    Available Aired on Apr 27, 2015
  5. 10
    Available Aired on Apr 20, 2015
  6. 9
    Available Aired on Apr 13, 2015
  7. 8
    Available Aired on Apr 06, 2015
  8. 7
    Available Aired on Mar 30, 2015
  9. 6
    Available Aired on Mar 24, 2015
  10. 5
    Available Aired on Mar 23, 2015
  11. 4
    Available Aired on Mar 16, 2015
  12. 3
    Available Aired on Mar 09, 2015
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    Available Aired on Mar 02, 2015
  14. 1
    Available Aired on Feb 23, 2015
  1. 8
    Available Aired on Jul 15, 2014
  2. 7
    Available Aired on Jul 08, 2014
  3. 6
    Available Aired on Jul 01, 2014
  4. 5
    Available Aired on Jun 24, 2014
  5. 4
    Available Aired on Jun 17, 2014
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    Available Aired on Jun 10, 2014
  7. 2
    Available Aired on Jun 03, 2014
  8. 1
    Available Aired on May 27, 2014

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 6 (S04E06)

Watch Now

Kenny joins Drew at his MMA veteran's support group and finds himself in the fight of his life. Jordan and Cain treat casualties from a hotel fire while Shannon follows a hunch to help save a young victim. Paul's superstar sister, Dr. Bella Cummings, pays a visit to San Antonio Memorial. Meanwhile, TC finally returns home, forcing him to deal with Topher's death.

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 5 (S04E05)

Watch Now

Drew, his mom, and Rick's flight home turns into a medical crisis at 35,000 feet when passengers become sickened one by one. Jordan, Paul, Shannon, Kenny, and Cain spend their day off at an obstacle course fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, hosted by Akbar Gbajabjamila. Scott finds himself on a Tinder date he won't soon forget. Meanwhile, TC puts his own life in danger to operate on a soldier.

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 4 (S04E04)

Watch Now

When a patient from a distant town journeys to SAM for surgery, Scott commits to helping her against all odds. Jordan and Cain help a wounded veteran come to terms with a diagnosis he doesn't believe he has. Meanwhile, Drew struggles with the exhaustion of being a working parent and finds support from an unusual patient. After a long night, Kenny learns life is too short to worry about trivial matters. TC joins a daring rescue mission in Syria.

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 3 (S04E03)

Watch Now

Jordan and Cain figure out their professional dynamic as they work on a patient with extreme injuries from an oil field explosion. Drew and Paul receive a patient from the same accident, and must figure out a solution to save the patient's severed hand. Scott is caught off guard when Annie shows up to the hospital with an unexpected guest from his past. Kenny and Shannon struggle to adjust to their new living situation. Meanwhile, TC and Amira clash over treating a Syrian child on the American base.

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 2 (S04E02)

Watch Now

After performing a daring on-site rescue to save a teenage girl, Drew is forced to re-evaluate his priorities as a new father. Back at the hospital, the ER is flooded with mass casualty victims from an amusement park disaster. Hoping to get Paul back on staff, Jordan facilitates a rapprochement between Paul and his father. Meanwhile, Scott pursues a more active role in the hospital and Kenny tries to put Cain in his place.

Watch The Night Shift season 4 episode 1 (S04E01)

Watch Now

Jordan and Drew perform a daring rescue by jumping from a chopper. Landing at the nearest VA hospital, Jordan sparks a plan to appease Julian and reunite her night shift team. Back at the hospital, Paul deals with the repercussions of standing up to his father while Scott dives headlong into his professional life. Kenny butts heads with Cain, a traveling nurse with a mysterious past. Shannon indoctrinates Cain as they work in San Antonio Memorial's understaffed and overworked ER. Meanwhile, TC is held captive in Syria. In order to find Syd, TC must treat his captor instead of returning to the safety of an air base with a civilian volunteer, Amira.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 13 (S03E13)

Watch Now

Scott and Jordan must perform surgery in the field as the burning wildfire gains intensity around them. Syd has caught Typhus along with hundreds of other patients on the Syria-Turkey border, and TC goes to great lengths to get the medication. Meanwhile, Drew and Rick fight to keep Brianna, while San Antonio Memorial finds an unlikely buyer, though saving the hospital comes at a cost.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 12 (S03E12)

Watch Now

In part one of this two-part season finale, Scott and Jordan face grave danger during a rescue mission at a rapidly spreading wildfire outside San Antonio. Tensions are high between Syd and TC as they find themselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis on the Syria-Turkey border. Paul and Shannon argue over treatment for a patient. Meanwhile a major setback threatens Drew's adoption plans for Brianna, Topher struggles to find a buyer for the hospital and medication goes missing.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 11 (S03E11)

Watch Now

TC initiates a bar brawl, landing him and Drew in jail for the night. While behind bars, Drew and TC's relationship reaches a breaking point. Jordan rushes her date to the ER, where she's shocked to learn he's not who she thought he was. Topher fights for a patient who many doctors have dismissed. Scott and Annie struggle to save their relationship while Jessica works to win back TC's trust. Meanwhile, Syd meets Brianna, and Rick visits the hospital.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 10 (S03E10)

Watch Now

TC and Paul pull out all the stops when a crane collapses on a worker at a busy construction site. As Paul works tirelessness to save the crush victim, an observer falls into a deadly gravel pit. TC throws himself into the pit and races to save the patient before he's swallowed by the shifting gravel. Back at the ER, Scott is shaken as the teenage boy he paralyzed returns to the hospital with new complications. Jordan lends support as the emotional case exposes complicated feelings from the past. Meanwhile when a life-saving donor matches with cystic fibrosis patient, Brianna, Drew determines the depth of his feelings for her.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 9 (S03E09)

Watch Now

When a bomb explodes outside the hospital, TC, Topher and Drew are forced to make the tough decision to stay and treat the injured or evacuate and begin transfers to nearby hospitals. Everything changes when TC suddenly realizes he may know the person responsible for the explosion. While the team works feverishly to tend to the wounded, the nurses go on strike just when the hospital needs them the most. Meanwhile, throughout the intense night shift, Shannon and Paul attempt to confront each other about something personal.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 8 (S03E08)

Watch Now

The doctors race to save Topher's mom when she comes to the ER with life-threatening symptoms. The team discovers a gravely injured foster mom is harboring a secret. Jordan asks T.C.'s girlfriend for help with a patient.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 7 (S03E07)

Watch Now

A fireworks explosion creates chaos at a concert, sending patients streaming into the hospital as TC and Topher race to the scene. Syd returns from Afghanistan and faces her unique family dynamic. Jordan and Scott address simmering differences.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 6 (S03E06)

Watch Now

Shannon and Jordan venture out for some fun at a local wrestling event only to find themselves treating people on site when a fight breaks out amongst the audience. Back at the hospital, Sam attends to a marathon runner who has collapsed from the heat and things start to heat up even more when the air conditioning breaks. Meanwhile, tensions between TC, Jordan, Sam, and Annie start to boil.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 5 (S03E05)

Watch Now

A college co-ed falls from a balcony and once she is in the ER, TC and Paul find that her situation is even more complex. Jordan bonds with a terminal patient who teaches her some important lessons about living. TC's errant sister-in-law Annie returns and hopes to make amends. Meanwhile, Jessica - a pharmaceutical rep with cutting-edge equipment that Scott is so close to getting for the hospital - if her tension with TC doesn't kill the deal.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 4 (S03E04)

Watch Now

As the city erupts in violence over an impending jury verdict, the night shift becomes ground zero when they have to take in the man suspected of the racially-motivated shooting at the source of the unrest. His presence in the emergency room sparks sharp conversation and disagreements among the staff over the highly-charged topic and even close friends Kenny and Paul find themselves at odds. Topher does his best to control the mounting chaos in the ER while out in the field, TC makes a decision as to which of two patients to bring in, leaving Paul and Scott to question TC's motives.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 3 (S03E03)

Watch Now

Drew stressfully adjusts after returning from deployment in Afghanistan. A bride and her wedding party are treated for injuries sustained during the festivities, and Topher's demanding mother pays a visit.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 2 (S03E02)

Watch Now

TC and Scott fight to save a boy and his mother who were injured in a car accident, yet it becomes clear there's more to the family dynamic than meets the eye. Deployed in Afghanistan, Drew and Syd face the aftermath of an OR shooting.

Watch The Night Shift season 3 episode 1 (S03E01)

Watch Now

The overnight crew becomes immersed in a bizarre car-accident rescue. Drew serves overseas in Afghanistan and teams with a colleague to treat an Afghani woman, A spunky grad joins the shift.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 14 (S02E14)

Watch Now

T.C. and Topher return to find Jordan in critical condition and San Antonio terrorized by snipers; Drew and Gwen get caught in the crossfire when a SWAT team corners the snipers.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 13 (S02E13)

Watch Now

Drew and Paul head to the scene of a multi-car collision while the newly-anointed Dr. Ragosa along with Jordan, Scott, Krista and Kenny, manage the deluge of incoming victims. Meanwhile, TC and Topher head into a war zone to treat an old friend.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 12 (S02E12)

Watch Now

A boy is suffering with a serious fever and his high-strung mother begins to show signs of distress.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 11 (S02E11)

Watch Now

A building collapses during a rodeo; a severely injured cowboy exhibits strange symptoms; Scott causes a serious car accident.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 10 (S02E10)

Watch Now

Jordan and Krista offer roadside assistance to a motorcycle crash victim.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 9 (S02E09)

Watch Now

Drew takes action when a gunman attacks at a friend's promotion ceremony.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 8 (S02E08)

Watch Now

A downtown gas explosion sends dozens of casualties to San Antonio Memorial Hospital.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 7 (S02E07)

Watch Now

T.C. discovers his sister-in-law's complicated history after he treats her for a fall down stairs.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 6 (S02E06)

Watch Now

As a thick fog descends upon San Antonio, the doctors must improvise to save the victims of a car crash; Topher, Drew and Kenny treat siblings injured in the fog.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 5 (S02E05)

Watch Now

A patient arrives with radiation poisoning, spinning the night shift into chaos and putting it into lockdown. Meanwhile, staffers speed to a serious car crash, where they discover an injured police officer, TC's troubled sister-in-law visits, and a former patient harasses Jordan.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 4 (S02E04)

Watch Now

An injured skydiver is rescued, but there's more to the case than meets the eye. Meanwhile, the night-shift staffers treat an electrocuted janitor, then scramble to save his wife and children when they fall ill to life-threatening symptoms; and Paul learns about his limitations as a doctor.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 3 (S02E03)

Watch Now

A serious car crash results in two teens and a young pregnant woman arriving at the hospital, pushing the night shift members to their limit. Meanwhile, Paul tends to a quirky, wealthy hospital benefactor.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 2 (S02E02)

Watch Now

The night shift is tested when a rancher accidentally shoots his wife. TC heads to a teen party to save the life of a young football star. Jordan and Kenny treat a beauty queen in severe distress. Topher makes a decision about his job.

Watch The Night Shift season 2 episode 1 (S02E01)

Watch Now

Topher takes over as chief of the night shift. TC is temporarily suspended. Jordan is scrutinized for her mishandling of the man who shot a recovered Topher. A father is trapped under an elevator. Ragosa returns to the ER.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

Watch Now

A shoot-out in the ER leaves Topher seriously wounded. TC tries to control his Afghanistan flashbacks. An explosion at a fertilizer factory sends burn victims to the ER, overwhelming the shorthanded staff. And Jordan discovers a secret about TC.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

Watch Now

TC and Topher treat the lone survivor of a plane crash while fending off an intimidating law-enforcement officer with a secret motive. Meanwhile, Paul is smitten by an injured exotic dancer whose condition takes a turn for the worse; and Krista cares for a teen with an eating disorder.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

Watch Now

A horrific crash sends dozens of soldiers, including Drew's boyfriend, to the emergency room, where TC and Scott clash. Meanwhile, Topher tries to diagnose a soldier's illness, and Kenny tries to improve Ragosa's online-dating profile.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

Watch Now

A violent storm pummels San Antonio, sending numerous patients to the emergency room. Elsewhere, TC and Dr. Scott Clemmens rush to a mudslide disaster to treat a mother and her son; and Topher braves the storm to help his stranded wife, who's going into labor with twins.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

Watch Now

Injuries at an Alamo reenactment test the staff. Meanwhile, a disoriented patient suffering from amnesia receives care; Drew helps a severely wounded soldier; Topher schedules a vasectomy operation; and Jordan's boyfriend arrives.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

Watch Now

TC and Paul race to the chaotic scene of an after-dark hog-hunting event that has gone nightmarishly wrong. Meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl arrives for treatment in a case that turns complicated; Drew injures his hand; and Ragosa seeks family counseling.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

Watch Now

TC desperately tries to save his critically injured friend. Meanwhile, Paul tackles a challenging case involving an elderly woman; Kenny helps an injured groom with a secret; and a 9-year-old boy has suspicious injuries.

Watch The Night Shift season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

Watch Now

In the premiere, a former military doctor deals with a life-threatening situation on his way to work; his ex-girlfriend pursues the night shift's top job; and a clash over business matters unfolds.

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