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After learning that her real father is in prison for killing the mother she never knew and furious at having been lied to all her life, 16-year-old Isla Wallis runs away to the remote mining town where she was born. There, she learns of a series of horrific murders of First Nation women that may be ties to her mother's death. With the help of Tina, a street-smart local, Isla starts to uncover the shocking truth behind these brutal crimes.

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Isla tries to track down Jonah Jacob, the son of a victim who was a client of Isla’s mom. Nathan arrives in town looking for Isla, but first pays a visit to Isla’s father who is racked with guilt after learning how Isla betrayed her legal guardian to make her escape.

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Isla crashes at Tina’s place on the reserve and after knocking on a few doors they uncover several strange deaths written off by the police which all have something in common: Isla’s mother.

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Isla’s father tries to innocence card but Isla knows better, yet she can’t help but hope for a scenario where she isn’t a murderer’s daughter. Isla and Tina investigate for themselves and learn there might be something to his alibi.

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Isla is confronted by the local police and given an ultimatum that may keep her from seeing her father for the first time in 13 years.

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When 16-year-old Isla Wallis steals her uncle’s car and runs away from their home, her destination is the birthplace where she was taken from at the age of three when her father went to prison for the murder of her mother.

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